Physmodo delivers fast and accurate biomechanical movement screenings. Our assessments include trackable customized exercise plans designed specifically for each athlete, patient or employee.


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Under 30 Seconds

What previously required up to 20 minutes or more and a trained specialist can now be performed in seconds automatically. The breakthrough technology behind Physmodo Body MAPS makes biomechanical movement screenings accessible to everyone. 



The Key Measurements

Physmodo Body MAPS captures thousands of data points with a level of accuracy beyond what the human eye detects to deliver detail greater than anything before. The precision and objectivity of computer vision based motion analysis provides the strong scientific foundation of the Physmodo assessment. 



Custom Improvement Plan

Through computational analysis of each individual’s biomechanical movement, Physmodo Body MAPS delivers a customized corrective exercise plan designed to improve inefficiencies in mobility, activation, posture and symmetry. With regular assessments, individuals can now track their progress over time with ease.