Personalized Biomechanics


The Physmodo MAPS system delivers a fast, accurate and objective biomechanical movement screen.


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Under 30 Seconds

What previously took a trained specialist up to 20 minutes or more can now be performed objectively in under 30 seconds.



The Key Measurements

Physmodo MAPS captures thousands of data points. The precision and objectivity of computer vision based motion analysis provides the strong scientific foundation of the MAPS screen. 



Automated and Immediate Feedback

With automated and trackable screens, coaches and trainers can make real time adjustments for improved performance over time.


How it Works

A simple movement sequence delivers a detailed assessment.

Subjects are detected and screened automatically. After performing three overhead squats, the assessment is delivered within seconds – identifying biomechanical movement inefficiencies across four domains:

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Composite Physmodo MAPS Score

A Composite Score is derived from these four domains indicating overall biomechanical health and readiness. 


The MAPS Formula for Improvement

Physmodo is focused on delivering real performance improvements, not just measurements.

The baseline assessment identifies all of the areas for improvement and outlines a set of specific exercises designed to improve any movement inefficiencies in mobility, activation, posture or symmetry. This personalized movement solution is available on all connected devices – so it’s easy to access anywhere. The initial assessment is only the beginning.


Designed For Your Organization

Physmodo adds value in a variety of environments.

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Health Clubs and Gyms

Gyms and specialty studios – and their personal trainers - can use Physmodo MAPS to engage, track and challenge their members. The simplicity of the assessment means no special training or certification is required. Everyone at the gym can find out how they rate and where they should focus to improve.

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Corporate Wellness

Musculoskeletal injuries account for billions in lost wages and productivity for employees nationwide. By including the Physmodo MAPS screen as a part of employee risk management and wellness programs, it is possible to identify and correct potential issues at an earlier stage - reducing the impact on employees and employers alike.  

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Clinical providers can benefit from the dramatic improvements in efficiencies offered by the Physmodo MAPS screen. Range of motion measurements and analysis using Physmodo MAPS are typically covered expenses by most major insurance carriers (CPT code 95851).


Want to Learn more?

Physmodo MAPS can benefit your team, unit or organization. Contact us to learn how to bring state-of-the-art biomechanical movement screenings and improvement plans to your members, unit, employees or patients.